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Overview Donation System
For the operation of the gratisdns servers i personally pay money. I want, that the service is a self refinancing service. To avoid popups, banners, ... i request your help to keep all services alive. The first 2 years i asked the users to donate some money on a freely base. Only some users did that, so i tried to find another refinancing model.
Finally i decided, to force all users to make a donation, if the service entries stay for a longer time in the system.
I think you understand, that i am not able/willingly to pay all bills i get completely alone.

How does it work
Every domain, urlredirect you enter is in one database table. There exists a global donationpoints database which holds the donationpoints for all entries (even for deleted entries). This global donationpoints database contains the fields type of entry, name of entry, number of donationpoints. A script checks all entries you made against the global donationpoints database and reduces there the donationpoints.
The script checks, if there are enough donationpoints for the entry, if not, it sends a mail.

How do i get donationpoints
You can cet donationpoints by making a donation. Making a donation supports my work and refinances the service. Donations can be done by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Moneybookers.
If you want to make a donation, use the links provided, because they contain your UserID, so the donationpoints come to the right user account.

How many donationpoints i get for my money
Donations are accepted in EURO, because that's the currency in germany where i live. PayPal and Moneybookers are able to handle the currency conversion for you.
The donationpoints you get into your account are calculated this way:
Donationpoints = Euro * (365 + (Euro * 4))
Examples: If you donate 1 Euro, you get 369 DP, for 2 Euros you get 746 DP, ... , 10 Euros -> 4050 DP, ...
If you donate more money, you get more donationpoints per Euro.

How do i use the donationpoints
If you got donationpoints into your account, you should use them. You can use them by moving donationpoints to service entries, which need more donationpoints. Use the link Donation System

How many donationpoints do i need
It depends what entries you have here. Different type of entries need different donationpoints per day, because i.e. a Full primary MX setup needs more disk storage, generates more traffic and load than a Secondary nameserver setup.
Domain on ns0.xtremeweb.de
(domain is loaded and has the status o.k.)
1 donationpoint / day
Domain on ns3.xtremeweb.de
(domain is loaded and has the status o.k.)
1 donationpoint / day
Domain on ns4.xtremeweb.de
(domain is loaded and has the status o.k.)
0 donationpoints / day
URL redirect
(there was already at least one redirect and
the hostname to be redirected does not have
an A or CNAME record on ns0.xtremeweb.de)
1 donationpoint / day
Full primary MX E-Mail 6 donationpoint / day
Backup MX E-Mail
(with or without target verification)
3 donationpoint / day
Routing MX E-Mail
(with or without target verification)
5 donationpoint / day
SMTP Account (for sending E-Mail) 1 donationpoint / recipient of an E-Mail

I don't want to donate
That's of course your decision. So just test my services out, possibly you change your decision later.

I want my money back
You made a donation to support the service. You can't get your money back. Please think about, what a donation is and reread the Terms of Use.

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